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Xscend’s Philosophy to Auto Detailing
  • xscenddetailing
  • February 3, 2020
  • General Auto Surface Care
Dirt. Grime. Bird Muck. Spills. Swirl Marks. Scratches. Chips.

It’s no fun to clean off this stuff. And it’s no good to use those brushes that batter the surfaces of our vehicles, let alone scratch the paintwork with sponges in cesspools.

More wash power they say. Instantly cleaner cars in our hands sooner. --- Efficient. Convenient. Cheap.

We get it.

Do they ever tell us what’s sitting in the ingredients of those power washes or the baby scratches those brushes and sponges leave on the paintwork? Particles are sharp with grit.

Auto detailers go at lengths to help us clean, restore, and protect our vehicles. Detailing is the extra care that goes into gently breaking up the contaminants inside out of any vehicle.

Seasoned detailers get this part.

This is a nod to the detailers who are invested in the care of their customers. Not the mass-profiting processes that will benefit them for more than who they care for.

It raises the question... What is the relationship of value to detailers and to their customers?

Xscend is about auto surface care. We enjoy it when our time, money, and energy goes to folks who value care itself. Because care is important to us.

Cleanliness comes with care.
Restoration comes with care.
Protection comes with care.

That’s what makes it worth it to us. The people we surround ourselves with are the ones who extend that.

In the intentions.
In the actions.

Just to share some thoughts among the Xscend team… why do we even partner with each other?

There’s a shared joy in being of service to others.
We get straight to saying and doing things as they are.
There’s no pushing. At least, not in this shop.
It’s about what customers value and aligning our talents to that.
It’s having the privilege to shape, share, and enhance valued experiences.
It’s business that stands as a mutual benefit to ourselves and others.

There’s hundreds of detailers out in the market, but a handful of us who are invested in quality. The satisfaction that our customers get throughout the journey of what we do brings us personal satisfaction. And what we learned early was… make it about the experience. Just as we personally value great experiences, we are driven to give the same to others.