Detailing & Restoration

Gently and thoroughly decontaminate your car using a combination of vapor steam detailing and premium detailing products. Reach every crevice in your car using a high-heat treatment that will dry in no time and naturally recondition your interior! Whether you’ve got chemical etching, scratches, swirl marks, or fading, we can  bring back the shine and smooth out your car’s paintwork.

Unlike a car wash, detailing is a process that goes far deeper to help you thoroughly clean, restore, and protect your car. We offer vapor steam detailing services that are designed to gently break up the grease, grime, and soil from your car inside out. Using chemical-free sanitizer products and a few gallons of water, our approach consumes 95% less water compared to other detailing methods, helping us maintain environmentally-friendly standards. Going beyond traditional detailing, we offer permanent surface protection solutions to keep your car wax-free while sustaining high gloss and minimizing maintenance care. For paint defects, extended environmental exposure, and factory orange peel paint, we use a combination of sanding, compounding, polishing and waxing solutions for both new and used cars. If you’re looking to achieve permanent surface protection and superior gloss, see our ceramic coating and paint protection film services. For cloudy headlights, we can help you restore them to provide better illumination on the road and minimize light scatter.


Bring the shine and protection back to your car

  • Steam clean exterior including rims
  • Dress tires, moldings, & plastic surfaces
  • Remove oxidation, bugs, & tar
  • Clean door jams
  • Apply ‘clay bar’ to vehicle’s paint to remove micro debris and keep paint surface free of contaminations & oxidations (required for wax & polishing services)
  • Apply high quality waxes to vehicle paint to protect and intensify luster of vehicle’s finish
  • Clean windows in & out

Deep clean, disinfect, and condition your car’s interior back to new

  • Vacuum incl. trunk
  • Vapor steam at high heat for center console, dashboard, door panels, gauges, instrument panels, steering wheel/column, sun visors, & vents
  • Wet/dry vapor steam for carpets & upholstery
  • Leather conditioning

Restore your car to pristine condition

  • Exterior + Interior Detailing Combo

Restore your ride’s high gloss shine using a combination of our paint rejuvenation methods

  • Steam cleaning the surface to remove contaminants
  • Deep cleaning the paintwork with clay bar
  • Wet-sanding
  • Compounding
  • Polishing
  • Waxing




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