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Auto Surface Care For the Long-Run: Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating
  • xscenddetailing
  • February 29, 2020
  • Ceramic Coating, General Auto Surface Care, Paint Protection Film
How can we protect the surfaces of our cars in effective ways?

There’s the car wash for general upkeep and the car detailing to go even deeper with cleaning and bringing the vehicle back to showroom condition with a possible touch of paint restoration (or correction). There’s a good amount of us who don’t want to keep coming back, do the cleaning ourselves, redo the paintwork, or consume the extra time, energy, and effort.

Rather than subject ourselves to this, we can focus on pursuing long-term changes. --- It’s about what we do to simplify the overall surface care routine to complement our lifestyles:

How many trips do we take to the car wash or detail shop? How many hours does each visit take and how often? How much time and money do we spend taking care of the exterior and interior surfaces of our vehicles?

Auto surface care can be a simple, enjoyable experience that gives long-lasting results. It’s not something that we see and it’s gone in a short amount of time. It’s the intent to…

- Protect surfaces (paintwork, leather, plastics, etc.) from debris and build up with long-term warranties
- Reduce trips and save time as a whole
- Save money throughout the ownership of the car
- Enable better driving visibility and liquid/dirt roll-off especially during harsh weather
- Make it easier to defrost or de-ice a vehicle
- Preserve the resale value of the car
- Eliminate wax treatments and lock in the showroom shine and high gloss finish permanently

It’s access to quality care that outruns short-term fixes and gets our bang for the buck over the long haul.

Waxes last a few months. Dirt, etching, and oxidation builds up. Factory clear coat barely protects our paintwork. UV rays crack interior surfaces. Rust weakens vehicle surfaces. Coatings with lower surface contact angles don’t repel water for that long and sometimes leave streak marks.

Our point is bandaids don’t work. Delivering long-lasting results takes sincere effort and experience. And it’s not just for new cars. With the right tools and knowledge, restoring and protecting an aging vehicle can be tough but is not impossible when done by a seasoned detailer who knows those surfaces and properly cares for them.

Some folks may know us from our days as Cherry Mobile Auto Detail & Wash. We took a step back years ago ago to re-evaluate what we can do to raise our impact in helping others. Beyond auto detailing and restoration, we found preventive auto surface protection to be another key component in helping people enjoy their vehicles throughout the lifetime of those vehicles.

A car detail and paint restoration can help us rejuvenate the shine and gloss finish of a vehicle while ceramic coating and paint protection film will ultimately enhance those beautiful results and lock them under a robust shield.

Jaguar 3.8 1966 Paint Restoration

If the concern is with stone chips, UV ray damage, insect muck, water spots, road debris, and other stains, paint protection film (PPF) can protect against that for up to 10 years. There’s so many brands out there but what we look for are the quality ones that will not yellow, bubble, or crack over time and carry a superior level of stain resistance against water and dirt accumulation. The ones that can precisely fit the contours of a vehicle, enhance the high gloss finish, and self-heal from the vehicle’s engine or sun to repair scratches. And when film installations are performed, we want to ensure it’s applied with a high degree of care and technique so the film itself appears invisible.

Tesla Model 3 2020 Paint Protection Film

Now, if we’re looking for liquids and dirt to roll-off and make our surfaces much easier to clean, that’s when ceramic coating comes into the picture. It protects against oxidation, etching, swirl marks, and minor clear coat scratches while providing a superior gloss finish so we don’t need to use waxes again. Ceramic coating has a very high surface contact angle, making it a super hydrophobic material that beads liquids and encourages roll-off even better than other coating products with lower surface contact.

Mercedes GLE 350 2020 Restoration Paint Protection Film Ceramic Coating

So how do we differentiate between paint protection film and ceramic coating? If we’re looking to protect against sharp debris, PPF would make the front runner. If it’s easier surface cleaning and eliminating the use of waxing altogether, ceramic coating would be the recommended choice.

If we wish to get the most robust protection and enjoy the perks of both, PPF and ceramic coating can be used together, giving way to more long-lasting benefits.

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