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Peace of Mind Comes with Preventive Auto Surface Care
  • xscenddetailing
  • December 6, 2019
  • General Auto Surface Care
Rock chips, scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, rust, etching, insect muck, hard water spots, orange peel paint, curbside rashes… Do any of these sound familiar? We spend so much to buy or lease a vehicle and it often consumes so much money, time, and energy to maintain it. And this is especially so, when we don’t extend care to our vehicles. Practicing preventive auto surface care makes it possible for us to simplify the routine of maintaining our vehicles’ surfaces and enjoy them for even longer than we realize. There’s a couple things to consider… How often do we wash our vehicles? Let alone, apply those waxes and sealants that might last anywhere from a few weeks to a few good months? Do we use hand wash, touchless wash, or find ourselves rushing through the tunnel car washes to save time? How robust is the factory clear coat of our vehicle against those rock chips and everyday debris? If we drove off the dealer’s lot without any sort of protection, how many kinks are on there by now? Do we have rashes along our rims or oxidation and rust lurking in the surfaces of our ride? How well does the water and mud roll off our windshield when we drive through those winter storms? Our vehicles are beautiful works of technology and art. Jaguar 3.8 1966 Ceramic Coating Paint Restoration We have plenty of options to simplify our auto surface care routine, shield our vehicles, preserve their resale value, and keep that showroom gloss for the long run. Vehicle surface protection is all about...
  • - Minimizing the deterioration of our car’s surfaces from oxidation, rust, chips, debris, and more
  • - Extending the life of our vehicle’s paintwork and surfaces to preserve its resale value
  • - Making car decontamination thorough, easier, and effective
  • - Reducing liquid build up on our windows for better driving visibility and safety
  • - Protecting our rims from curbside rashes
  • - Keeping our headlights fog-free for proper illumination
With paint being the most dominant surface of any vehicle, we feel it’s important to understand how paint protection works. It starts with the vehicle’s clear coat surface. Clear coat serves as the first line of defense between the environment and the car, and most paint damage and defects occur on this layer. When the paint damages and defects are neglected, there’s a good chance that they can be restored without costing us an entire paint job. It could range between minor paint touch-ups with one-step polishing to the extent of deep cleaning the paintwork with clay bar in combination with wet-sanding, compounding, and polishing. This is how we can keep our vehicles’ paintwork from dulling out and restore their high gloss shine. Now why would we bother with a detail if handwashes and touchless car washes are available out there? A simple wash, wipe, and vacuum doesn’t cut it when we want to get the highest level of cleaning. Decontamination is key and it’s not just cleaning our vehicles. It’s thoroughly and gently disinfecting our vehicles to the degree that we reach every crevice and minimize the risks for oxidation and rust with the right tools, techniques, and products. This is why we use vapor steam auto detailing among other approaches. Auto detailing itself is the prep work that’s needed before any form of vehicle surface treatments like paint restoration and surface/paint protection. When this is done well, it can have multiplicative results when combined with restorative and protective treatments. Ford Mustang 2016 Detailing If we value the gloss of our vehicles and don’t want to hassle with applying waxes and sealants to our vehicles after every detail, we’ve got the option to permanently lock in that showroom shine, and along with it, get the surface protection that lasts. This is possible thanks to ceramic coating and paint protection film, which can guarantee protection for up to 7 and 10 years, respectively. Paint protection shields our car’s clear coat, adds gloss, makes the paintwork surface easier to clean, and helps preserve the value of the car, minimizing paint repair jobs and cost over time. If we have a look at what’s commonly used:
      • - Wax is a natural substance that provides basic short-term protection against UV rays, fading, dirt, acid rain, bird drops, and industrial fallout. It typically lasts for a couple washes and we generally recommend applying this every 1-3 months, depending on the vehicle’s condition.
      • - Sealant is a man-made or synthetic substance that provides similar protective benefits to wax but better and longer-lasting gloss. Depending on the car’s condition, we recommend applying this somewhere between 6-12 months.
      • - Ceramic Coating is a type of nano coating that provides permanent long-term protection to reduce maintenance work goes beyond a sealant, providing water repellency and superior scratching resistance. This can be applied on a vehicle inside out, on multiple surfaces, and touched-up once a year to rejuvenate the water repellency and self-cleaning effects.
      • - Paint Protection Film is a polyurethane material that provides high gloss and robust long-term protection against rock chips, bug splatters, paint peeling, etc. This can be applied to all paint surfaces, headlights, and mirrors, while being safely removable on factory paint.
  • Do we need both ceramic coating and paint protection film? It depends on what we’re looking for. If we want maximum protection, pairing paint protection film and ceramic coating together works great to protect against chips and debris while achieving the self-healing, water repellency, and showroom gloss properties for the long run. Otherwise, one or the other will do depending on the benefits we may want to prioritize among others. Take high-impact areas for instance, if that is a must, PPF may be the priority. To learn more, feel free to check out our FAQ page or book a free inspection at Xscend Detailing in North Texas. Explore your options and see how we can best help you meet your goals. Auto surface care is a form of preventive care that can give us the peace of mind when it comes to protecting and enjoying the aesthetics of our vehicle for now and the long run.
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