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Paint Protection Film: Vet Your Options
  • xscenddetailing
  • March 13, 2018
  • Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Surface Protection
If you’re looking to get the ultimate car protection against paint chips from stones, debris, stains, and scratches, check out the robust benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF), a.k.a. ‘Clear Bra’. There’s a variety of brands from Opti-Coat, XPEL, 3M and more, where it all comes down to which one gives you the desired protection, durability, and looks for your car. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you keep a few things in mind: Vet the source of where your PPF material comes from. There’s a variety of PPF options out there where some are prone to carrying the orange peel texture, yellowing, or even cracking. While PPF itself is a significant investment, it makes the biggest difference not to compromise on quality. On top of proper protection, we worry around how much altering is done to the gloss or paintwork itself. People don’t want to see lines stemming from the partial film applications or experience the adhesive implications for applying PPF on their car. In many cases, the higher the quality of the PPF solution, the better off you are in getting a sound investment to protect your car. In addition to this, there is always the caveat of picking a knowledgeable installer. Vet your PPF installer. Many people claim they can do PPF installations but you’ll find that there’s only a handful out there who can properly do this with the right level of patience, care, cleanliness, and so on. Whether you want partial or custom films, it goes a long way to see if an installer will give the service with due diligence. At minimum, an authorized PPF installer will ensure… The PPF film is properly placed on the car and the proper products are used for careful application. The PPF installer will carefully cut into the film to ensure it does not go to your car’s paint job and also ensure it’s carefully aligned to the edges. For more protection, PPF can also be combined with ceramic coating. While PPF primarily protects against rock chips and debris, ceramic coating provides robust scratch resistance, long term water repellency, reduces maintenance work (where waxing and sealants are no longer needed during upkeep), chemical resistance, and UV resistance. While PPF is much like a super robust saran wrap designed to cover various parts of your car, ceramic coating is applied in layers and cured on the surface of the clear coat of your car. What’s a clear coat? This is the sacrificial layer between the environment and your paint job. So the whole point of implementing ceramic coating such as Opti Coat or Ceramic Pro is to increase surface protection. The best of PPF films pretty much offer the invisible armor to your car and their edges are only visible when you get upfront within a few feet. Long story short, keep away from cheap paint protection film to ensure you get the longest run for your money on protecting your car.   If you’d like to learn more about general paint protection, check out The Essentials of Car Paint Care and Why They Matter. For ceramic coating, check out our ceramic coating 101 overview  and see the many benefits it will provide for the near and long term. If you’re in Los Angeles and considering paint protection solutions,  we are authorized installers for Opti-Coat Paint Protection Film and XPEL Paint Protection Film along with Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating services. Feel free to stop by for an inspection at Xscend Detailing in Long Beach, CA or visit our website for more information.   Want to get the most out of car paint and surface protection? Read on for our 3 Tips.
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