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How We Deliver Safety Through Auto Surface Care
  • xscenddetailing
  • March 13, 2018
  • Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Headlight Restoration, Surface Protection
There’s no doubt that driving is a visual task. Safe driving itself begins with clear visibility and preventive maintenance. We all have our own standard for what makes a “safe car” and we rely on our ability to visually process what surrounds us on the road. While auto detailing and surface protection are most known for the aesthetics, they provide various benefits that ultimately increase driving safety: Restoring your headlights enables your headlights to provide better illumination on the road and allows you to safely identify pedestrians, animals, and other vehicles early. According to AAA testings, “restoring headlights doubles the maximum light intensity and reduces glare-producing light scatter by up to 60 percent.” The AAA survey also mentions that only 20 percent of Americans had restorative work done on their deteriorated headlights. -- The lack of restorative work is alarming in these findings as it shows how understated restoration work is in relation to safety.   Cleaning your engine helps upkeep the engine’s longevity and reduces the risk of damages.   An engine wash helps you get rid of the rust, oil, and dirt build-up that can cause smoke, generate bad fumes, contaminate inlets of various engine components, and decrease the chances of identifying leakages, hose cracks, and corrosion. ‘Ceramic’-coating your windshield and windows improves both your wiper blade performance and your vision when driving in harsh weather conditions. When glass is left unprotected, it can be a hazard during rain as water can cover the surfaces and decrease visibility. Ceramic coating protection contains long-lasting super hydrophobic qualities that allow water to bead up and roll off the glass. With this water repellent feature, your overall driving visibility is significantly improved, enabling you to have better response time to identify fellow drivers, pedestrians, animals, and other objects on the road.    Bottomline, a clean and safe car equipped with better visibility makes anyone safer.
Sources: AAA Tests Shine High-Beam on Headlight Limitations (May 2015)
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