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Drive With Superior Windshield Visibility & Say Goodbye to Cloudy Headlights
  • xscenddetailing
  • March 12, 2018
  • Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Paint Restoration
In rainy season, we do all sorts of things just to drive ‘safely’. We anticipate gusts, watch out for big rigs, turn on the headlights, defog windows, maintain wiper blades, avoid flood zone areas, and more. -- All of these things correlate to our driving visibility, reaction time, and what we do to preemptively respond to unsafe driving conditions. In most cases ,we’re left thinking… How do I improve my driving visibility? How do I keep my windshield and windows clean in a cost-effective way that lasts?   Focus on the areas that impact your driving visibility the most. Here’s our two cents to get the most bang for your buck and safety:
  1. Get those cloudy headlights restored and ‘ceramic coated’ pronto. When headlight lenses become cloudy or opaque, headlights are significantly limited in providing proper illumination on the road and likely giving off unfocused light scatters that result in glares to other drivers. Based on AAA’s May 2015 testings, only 20% of Americans had restorative work done on their headlights. With proper headlight restoration, you can increase the maximum light intensity of your headlights by up to 2 times and reduce light scatter by up to 60%. So where does ceramic coating come into play? Aside from the benefits mentioned in Tip #1 (i.e. permanent surface protection and easier maintenance), ceramic coating helps you preserve the headlight restoration work, enabling your headlights to provide maximum illumination for the long-run.
With rain being a hazardous condition we experience every year, our response to addressing poor driving visibility makes all the difference. The benefits of surface restoration work and ceramic coating treatments ensure you get the most value possible where they don’t wash out overnight and work for the long haul.   2. Start with ‘ceramic coating’ your car’s windshield and windows. Ceramic coating protection contains long-lasting super hydrophobic qualities that allow water and mud to bead up and roll off the glass when you drive. It reduces the hassle of ice-scraping and doesn’t come off after a few washes like other standard auto glass cleaners. Depending on how you care for your car, this can last for a few years. Ceramic coating contains self-cleaning features for easier maintenance and provides superior surface protection against scratches, environmental fallout, etching, oxidation, hard water spots, and more. Some of us want its permanent protective benefits for the entire car inside out while others want it applied to the most effective spots to improve driving visibility. For the latter, making a small investment towards ceramic coating allows you to: Enjoy superior surface protection with water repellent and self-cleaning benefits
  • Reduce maintenance work and costs for glass surface protection compared to waxes, sealants, and other auto glass treatments
  • Understand how nano-ceramic technology works and makes you well informed if you’re considering ceramic coating surface protection for the rest of the car
While ceramic coating is useful over rainy seasons, it also delivers permanent paint protection for up to a lifetime. Want to learn more about ceramic coating? Read on here. If you’re in Los Angeles and interest in ceramic coating or headlight restoration services, check out or come by our shop in Long Beach, CA. Want to get the most out of car paint and surface protection? Read on for our 3 Tips.
Source: AAA Tests Shine High-Beam on Headlight Limitations (May 2015)
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