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Ceramic Coating 101 & The Benefits of Super Hydrophobicity
  • xscenddetailing
  • March 12, 2018
  • Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection, Surface Protection
Did you know that you can coat your car to have superior water-repellent and self-cleaning properties, similar to that of the surface of a bird feather or lotus leaf?   We have ceramic coating technology available to apply that same concept to our cars. To break it down, a hydrophobic surface repels water while a hydrophilic surface attracts water. Hydrophobicity was first discovered in lotus leaves - where water droplets would pick up dirt particles and roll off the leaves’ surfaces due to minimal adhesion between the water droplets and the surface of lotus leaves. To see how hydrophobic a surface is, one would measure the ‘wettability’ of a surface by obtaining its ‘contact angle’. The ‘contact angle’ is the measure of how a liquid (deposited on a solid substrate) spreads out. The higher the contact angle, the easier it is for water drops to bead up. When you drive a ceramic-coated car, water drops will bead and roll off, making your car easier to clean and maintain. Higher Hydrophobicity = Stronger Water Repellency + Self-Cleaning Features

Beyond water-repellency, ceramic coating provides superior scratching resistance up to a lifetime.

When cured, the ceramic coating layers form a permanent, flexible glass shield, acting as an additional clear coat. Compared to the basic clear coat of your car, ceramic coating provides three times the hardness and self cleaning properties. This permanent surface protection gives your car a long-lasting shine with proper care, makes the maintenance work much easier, reduces your trips for repair jobs, and also prevents minor scratches to your clear coat since it serves as the sacrificial layer between your car and its surrounding environment. To get a better idea of how paint protection works, read about the essentials of car paint care and why it matters.   If you’re in Los Angeles and interested in ceramic coating or headlight restoration services, check out or come by our shop in Long Beach, California. Want to get the most out of car paint and surface protection? Read on for our 3 Tips. Source: AAA Tests Shine High-Beam on Headlight Limitations (May 2015)
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