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Auto Detailing & Paint Restoration: How Deep We Clean + How We Rejuvenate Paintwork
  • xscenddetailing
  • February 25, 2020
  • Auto Detailing, Paint Restoration
Every now and then, we get folks calling us up for a car wash, thinking it’s the same as a car detail. In reality, they’re not the same. The purpose of a car wash is different than that of a car detail. The biggest difference between the two methods is how deep we clean. A car wash gets rid of the dirt, tar, and other debris from our cars’ clear coat and removes interior debris with a vacuum. Whether it’s by the means of using brushes, sponges, clothes, hand, or touchless washes, it’s the basic level of cleaning for general upkeep. Now if we’re moving toward deepening the cleaning, bringing our car back to showroom conditions, or improving it’s resale value, that’s when car detailing comes into play. We want to minimize the wears and tears that vehicle surfaces are prone to. And as we go further into the process, what’s interesting is seeing what ingredients and methods people use to detail their vehicles. -- How harsh are they? And how thorough? Some of the contaminants will stubbornly stick to our car’s clear coat and others will lurk in every crevice of the vehicle. When it’s really at that state, we want to make it easy. Sustainable. Environmentally-friendly. Something that will gently break up the hardened debris and do the job of deep surface cleaning inside out. Steam Auto Detailing Steam detailing is it. We found this to be the most reliable way of detailing. A steam detail gives the balance of deep surface cleaning with the right level of thoroughness and non-grittiness. Along with steam cleaning is the dressing. Decontamination. Clay-barring. Waxing. Polishing. Window Cleaning. All the steps it takes to make that vehicle look as good as new. If we visit the interior, we’ll use a vacuum and do the leather conditioning. To ensure it not only looks and feels clean but IS actually clean, steam cleaning hits the mark like no other. Service Detailing And if we wish to rejuvenate our car’s paintwork, that’s when paint restoration comes in. Instead of costing ourselves a full paint job, we can lean towards taking other methods that can help us achieve what we want. Scratches? Chips? Some of these can be addressed with little touch-up paint and restoration work depending on the conditions. Chemical etches. Water Spots. Tree sap. Bird drops. Oxidation… It’s possible to remedy the things that eat into the clear coat of our vehicles using a mix of polishing, compounding, and wet-sanding. Auto Paint Restoration Ceramic Coating When in doubt, get it checked out by a detailer. Many times, a paint restoration or correction job can do the trick to bringing the gloss of our car back to life. If you’re in North Texas and interested in exploring what Xscend Detailing can do for you, check out or come by our shop. While every caution has been taken to provide our readers with the most accurate information and analysis, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog as much of the content requires professional guidance and proper care. Xscend Auto Surface Protection LLC will not be liable for any loss, inconvenience, or damage upon the use of information in this blog.