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3 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle Surfaces – Xscend Detailing
  • xscenddetailing
  • January 2, 2020
  • General Auto Surface Care
A wax, sealant, coating or wrap job can give our vehicles the “extra” shine we often look for but also serve well in protecting our vehicle’s paintwork. We have the options to simplify our overall auto surface care routine, uphold the resale value of our vehicle, shield the paint for years with glossy protection like no other, and make driving safer.  

TIP 1:  To get a better idea on the quality and maintenance work involved, it starts with understanding how preventive auto surface care works. Learn more  

For maximum protection in terms of longevity, water repellency, self-cleanliness, rock-chip protection, and superior scratch resistance, paint protection film and ceramic coating are often paired together since their benefits complement each other.

Jaguar 3.8 1966 Ceramic Coating Paint Restoration
TIP 2:  Get your car inspected by a reputable and experienced detailer who is ‘authorized’ to install vehicle paint and surface protection.

Whether you are considering a DIY approach or bringing your car to a shop, a proper inspection will give you better understanding on what needs to be done in terms of preparing, cleaning, priming, and installing vehicle paint/surface protection. Swirl marks, rock chips, bird droppings, and many other contaminants can be a pain to rid and many of our customers turn to the convenience of saving their time by asking our seasoned experts to explore the choices that can best meet their goals.  

Aside from the installation, restorative prep work can make all the difference in how well a protective layer can be applied or bonded to your vehicle’s paint and surfaces. An authorized detailer will likely recommend some paint restorative work to:

  1. - Remove scratches, swirl marks, and other contaminants on the vehicle
  2. - Bring the vehicle back to that “like-new” showroom appearance
  3. - Make the vehicle paint and surfaces blemish free to create the best conditions possible for application

Vehicle paint and surface protection effectiveness is highly dependent on the caliber of the installer, the product, and the environment. 

Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection Film Ceramic Coating
TIP 3:  Maintain the luster and health of your car’s paintwork and surfaces.

With our vehicles being one of the biggest purchases we’ll ever make, we do what we can to preserve the value of our vehicles. Much of that can be done when basic auto care is a priority. To avoid vehicle contaminants and minimize paintwork damages, we recommend:

  1. - Immediately rinsing the affect area(s) and wiping it down (the sooner, the better) if it was contaminated with acid rain, bird droppings, dust, tree sap, or water spots
  2. - Parking in covered areas and avoiding parking spots under trees
  3. - Manually hand washing the vehicle for gentle and thorough maintenance
  4. - Ensuring the vehicle is always protected with a wax or sealant if there is no ceramic coating

For longer-lasting results, paint restoration along with ceramic coating and/or paint protection film can protect our vehicle’s paintwork and surfaces.  

Porsche 911 2017 Ceramic Coating Paint Restoration
If you’re in the Bay Area and interested in exploring what auto surface care can do for you, check out or come by our shop in Santa Clara, California.

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