Paint & Highlight Restoration

Protect & restore your car’s paintwork to a high gloss shine.
Restore illumination & reduce scatter from foggy headlights.

Whether you’ve got chemical etching, scratches, swirl marks, or fading, we provide restorative methods that will bring back the shine and smooth out the surface of your car’s paintwork. We use a combination of sanding, compounding, polishing and waxing solutions for both new and used cars due to paint defects, extended exposure to environmental defects, and factory orange peel paint. If you’re looking to achieve permanent surface protection and superior gloss, we recommend you explore our ceramic coating and paint protection film services.

Got cloudy headlights? We can help you restore them to provide better illumination on the road, enabling you to safely identify pedestrians, animals, and other vehicles early. In addition, headlight restoration can effectively help reduce the light scatter that can appear much like glares to other drivers.


Remove minor defects, swirl marks, UV damage, oxidations, and light scratches from your car’s paintwork.


Protect your ride’s paintwork and restore its high gloss shine using a combination of our paint rejuvenation methods: steam cleaning the surface to remove contaminants, deep cleaning the paintwork with clay bar, wet-sanding, compounding, polishing, and waxing.


Restore the illumination of your headlights and effectively reduce its light scatter using our restorative methods.